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system used for course evaluation - Link to the Chamilo setup

1.- Chamilo and the open space course wiki are coupled, in a way. When you create an account in the Open Space, the account is automatically created in the Chamilo platform, but you need to log into the two platforms separately. But there is other thing here, because you, as your own course teachers, need to subscribe students into your own course, if you have problems with this, you can send me a list with your course assistans names and emails and I can subscribe into your course (keep in mind that there are one course per partner in the platform)

2.- There are statistics in the chamilo platform, but you need to be admin to take a look at them

3.- Keep in mind that there can be some bugs in the platform. If you find something strange, don't hesitate to contact cesga

4.- I am going to copy the pre-questionaire from Miguel now into all courses and then you just need to translate the questions into your own language

Created by Anna Bauer on 2013/02/01 10:48

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