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Dissemination in wiki communities

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The (Swedish chapter of the international wikimedia association) has been spreading the results of the project to all the European national Wikimedia chapters. They have targeted as well pioneering teachers (already used to edit on Wikimedia projects) as wikipedians interested in spreading their know-how on wiki skills to interested teachers and students (new to wiki) by sharing the training material developed within the project.

Instructions to all WikiSkills partners


For every publication, social media like Twitter and Facebook have been used to disseminate the blog posts further. More over, at some occasions (2), all Wikimedia chapters in Europe have been contacted by email about WikiSkills and with a link to relevant blog post. The Wikimedia blogs are followed by many from the Wikipedia community but also by many other WikiSkills stakeholders.

Furthermore, Wikimedia Sverige has:

  • regularly (a few times per year) reported back to Wikimedia Foundation about all chapter activities including WikiSkills.
  • regularly, by the monthly newsletters to Wikimedia Sverige members disseminated about the ongoing WikiSkills activities and when applicable, encouraged members to participate. 
  • offered WikiSkills material when a researcher asked for relevant material about E-Learning with wikis on the [Wiki-research-l] - mailing list.
  • parallel to the website, also published info about WikiSkills on two Wikimedia wikis.   

We did email the Wikimatrix about WikiSkills, but they didn't reply.

For more details on the mentioned dissemination activities above, please check the Wikimedia Sverige dissemination activities. Moreover, efforts have been done by each partner to contact Wikimedia Chapters locally beyond the efforts of Wikimedia Sverige. For example: In several cases, during the transnational meetings, the hosting partner has invited the Wikimedia chapter of that region to participate, which chapters usually have. (I think Greece was the exception and the reason is that Greece yet has no official Wikimedia Chapter.) Read more about such initiatives on the individual partners dissemination activity description pages

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