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5.1.- Dissemination plan

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The dissemination plan has the goal to enhance the project impact, through continuous activities. During the project lifetime, the consortium will present the research results through several channels such as a project web portal, press releases, academic publications, presentations at conferences, spreading project-related information in the partners’ networks, and web-based campaigns postings in wikis, newsgroups, forums. All project partners will disseminate results through printed and digital materials, relying on direct communication with the main target groups, teachers and trainers, and on the project web platform. The institutions themselves will disseminate the results internally, since almost all hold a target group.


Each project partner will

  • place information about the project on its web site and link it to the project web platform
  • form national contact networks of stakeholders (dissemination lists), inform and consult them regularly
  • circulate at least four electronic newsletters at significant project milestones among the institutions and individuals on their dissemination lists
  • establish contacts to regional and national media (internet platforms, newspapers, periodicals, TV and radio stations)
  • plan and implement at least six dissemination activities of the type 3.a-3.d during the lifetime of the project (see template below). Don't forget to include the documents as pdf attachments
  • contribute to the European dissemination plan and activities
  • fullfil their own dissemination activities page according to the template bellow


1.- Identification

Partner institutionPerson responsible for dissemination

2.- National dissemination list of stakeholders / target groups

Target groupNumber of institutions to be reachedNumber of persons to be reachedComments
Primary/seconday school   
Vocational adult learners   
Government / policy makers   
Research communities   
Educational and training Institutions   
Professional associations   

3.- National dissemination activities planned (at least 6 per partner)

3.a.- Distribution of printed information

No.Country/EUType of activityTarget groupsNo. of institutionsNo. of personsDateComments (effects, observations, problems etc.)

3.b.- Project presentations (organization of workshops, participation in exhibitions / fairs, scientific conferences, etc.)

No. Country/EU Type of presentation Target groups No. of institutions No. of persons DateComments (effects, observations, problems etc.) 

3.c.- Articles and postings (websites, blogs, newspapers, journals, books, etc.)

No. Country/EU Type of presentation Medium ( Logo, website,etc.)Target groupDateComments (effects, observations, problems etc.) 
 1  Add link here   

3.d.- Other activities

No. Country/EU Type of activityTarget groups No. of institutions No. of persons DateComments (effects, observations, problems etc.) 

4.- European dissemination activities planned (if any)

No.What?To whom?How?When?

5.- Identification of relevant events (conferences, seminars, etc.) at national or European level

EventTarget groups / levelDescription / link
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