Documenting a training course

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This scenario is designed to train students/trainee to document a training session.

During the training session, students will collaboratively take notes of what is being said by the teacher. After the session, they will have to complete the notes in adding any relevant information to the notes (such as images, videos, external links of interest, bibliography) as if they were preparing the training notes for the teacher.

They will present the outcome of their work at the following face to face session.

The scenario does not limit itself to note taking but also require from the students to organize the work as a project, with tasks, roles and time management.


The trainer will chose a regular topic of one of his training session. It will preferably be something totally unrelated to wikis.

The scenario will use two tools, a wiki and a pad (such as etherpad or framapad).

Exemples of pads

Material  required in the classroom

Personal computer for all students

Internet connexion

Part of the work will be done after the face to face session. Students should have a personal computer and internet connexion after class.

Prerequisite: students will preferably already know the basics of the wiki (creating a page, history etc.) and of a pad, taught in a previous course.


The trainer set up the context :

  1. Will explain the goals of the session: a) acquire advanced skills in using a wiki, b) learn how to analyze and report the content of a training course, learn basics about project management
  2. The trainer will present the different steps related to the report making: a) taking notes during the session, b) fixing mistakes and generally improving notes during or after the session c) organizing notes in a relevant way after the session, d) putting additional content after the session (images, videos, links, bibliography), e) reviewing, d) validating and publishing
  3. The trainer will invite students to organize the project themselves: in terms of different steps to implement, in terms of time management and in terms of role attribution (eg, who will take notes, who will put more content, who will review, who will publish etc.)


1. Reminder of wiki basics if necessary

2. Reminder of Etherpad basics if necessary

3. Provide the planned training and let the students take notes on the pad real time

4. Provide a little bit of time at the end of the face to face session so that students can improve notes whilst it is still fresh in their minds


The students co-organize themselves to make sure a complete and satisfactory report is provided. 

The report should include the information provided by the teacher during the training session + additional content as felt best (images, videos, web links, comments, bibliography etc.)

The report should be well organized, reviewed (by one person, or several people. Only once or several times. By section and fully. That's up to the students to decide but they should document the process they will follow) then published in its final stage.


1. The students officially present the report available on the wiki to the teacher

2. Debriefing of the students view

  • how did you feel ? during the first session whilst taking notes. after the session when refining the report. during the second session whilst reporting. (lost, confident, happy etc.)
  • what happened ?
  • what did you learn ? 
  • how does this related to the real ? 
  • what is next ? What do you want to learn more ? suggest more tools that may be helpful (eg, evernote)

3. Debriefing of the teacher view

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