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EA dissemination activities

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1.- Identification

Partner institutionPerson responsible for dissemination
 Ellinogermaniki Agogi (EA) Argiris Tzikopoulos

2.- National dissemination list of stakeholders / target groups

Target groupNumber of institutions to be reachedNumber of persons to be reachedComments
Primary/seconday school4075 30 schools and 120 school teachers have been reached through the WikiSkills introductory workshops and wiki conference
Vocational adult learners----
Government / policy makers---- 
Research communities11National Technical University (NTUA)
Educational and training Institutions----
Professional associations115 Greek Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) Community (ELLAK) 
Other12000EA Parents

3.- National dissemination activities planned (at least 6 per partner)

3.a.- Distribution of printed information

No.Country/EUType of activityTarget groupsNo. of institutionsNo. of personsDateComments (effects, observations, problems etc.)
1Greece and EuropeDistribution of WikiSkills leafletsEducational practitioners, wiki pioneers, policy makers, researchersN/A200N/A200 WikiSkills leaflets were distributed in 2012 during relevant events at both national and European levels.

3.b.- Project presentations (organization of workshops, participation in exhibitions / fairs, scientific conferences, etc.)

No.Country/EUType of presentationTarget groupsNo. of institutionsNo. of personsDateComments (effects, observations, problems etc.)
1WikiSkills conferenceThe project objectives and methodology were presented in the third conference of the European Wiki-culture Tour, hold in Athens.Educational practitioners and wiki pioneers354529/10/2012--
2WikiSkills introductory workshopsPresentation of the WikiSkills project, its objectives, organization and consortium.Educational practitioners530--


3.c.- Articles and postings (websites, blogs, newspapers, journals, books, etc.)

No.Country/EUType of presentationMedium ( Logo, website,etc.)Target groupDateComments (effects, observations, problems etc.)
1EA website / GreeceDescription of the project objectives and methodology, on the website of the Ellinogermaniki Agogi, Teachers, Parents, Researchers, educational communities, in Spain and EuropeFebruary, 2012
 2Mailing lists / Greece

EA regularly diffuses the project's dissemination materials (e.g. leaflets), events and ouctomes through several mailing lists of teachers-related institutions

Educational practitioners and researchersContinuous




3.d.- Other activities

No.Country/EUType of activityTarget groupsNo. of institutionsNo. of personsDateComments (effects, observations, problems etc.)

4.- European dissemination activities planned (if any)

5.- Identification of relevant events (conferences, seminars, etc.) at national or European level


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