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Wikiskills network of experts

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Show us your ability to deliver satisfying services and we will provide you a lead on a patrimony

Useful external resources on networks of experts.  Proof of concept of expert network: 20 part-time consultants and 5 employees

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wikiskills network of expert : what you give, what you get ?



1. Deliverable 3.3

2. Deliverable 3.4

3. Videos (various with feedback of experts, )

4. website

5. list of conferences and groups where wikiskills was presented

6. expertise of coordinating a consortium of independant bodies (

7. payment system for online training

8. TEDxgeneva yearly meeting

9. Ebooks (Blueprints, reports, etc)

10. Bootcamp for experts once a year

11. articles on wikiculture on the "Netizen" Book (translated into english), with graphics, illustrations...

12. Adress Book of possible customers

13. SaaS call product : Prefercom

14. Presence of our pedagogical material and/or expertise mentioned in significant web "hubs" such as wikiversity, wikibooks, wikimatrix, cyberworkers services, MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)

15. Possible MOOC or simple online course ?

1. GOALS of the network 

  • Create a community of service providers that exploit the WikiSkills idea and the materials by providing WikiSkills Training and by gardening the wiki pedagogical tools
  • Generate income (experts)
  • Further develop the WikiSkills training materials

2. PROFILE : Who may become an expert
General criterias that experts have to fulfill: 

  • Ability / Willingness / Experience to make money 
  • Pedagogical skills (training & consultancy)
  • Wiki-related skills

   1. Personal data

  • Geographical availability
  • Spoken languages

   2.Legal issues

   Are you legally authorized to issue  invoices

  • yes
  • no

   3. Financial  experience

  • Have you offered training or consultancy as a freelancer in the last few years? Please describe your experience:

   4. Pedagogical skills

  • Describe your experience within training and consultancy

   5. Wiki-related skills

Describe your experience with wiki-based / online collaborationDescribe your experience with writing online articles and publications (i.e. also include URL below)Are you familiar with the issues of free licenses and can you explain, in broad terms, the differences between exclusive use, some rights reserved, open source and freeHave you installed / maintained part of a wiki platform (such as mediawiki, wiki or other Xwiki GPL) What qualifies you to be a wiki-expert?
1. Selection of expertsPeer selection (not self-elected)  through the administrative commity,  based on profile of skills and experience (cf. above), through majority vote.

2. Type of customers

  • international companies
  • public institutions (educational, cultural and civic centers)
  • SMEs

3. Services provided by WikiSkills Experts

  • Provide WikiSkills training
  • Provide consulting on how to take advantage of wikis (technical installation, pedagogical and educational consultancy, gardening...)
  • Guidence and Follow up while setting up and using the wikis
  • Provide evaluation tools for continue improving. 

4. Tasks of the Experts

  • Gardening the WikiSkills curriculum and materials on (will the training tools of WikiSkills be organized as a wiki?)
  • Promoting and developing the network of experts.
  • Develop and propose commercial and marketing actions to improve the activity.

5. Advantage of the network

  • Promotion: provides a growing listing on SME (across Europe) with a newsletter
  • Facilitation of side promotion activities in wiki events (such as  wikimania, wikisym, lifelong learning festival...)
  • permanently promotes the growth of the network by stimulating new, highly experienced experts to actively take part  in it 
  • A (special) area of the website will be dedicated to profile/present the experts of the network
  • An assistant of will provide sales and administrative activities (phone calls, online promotion via webinars, weekly emails on wikiculture...)
  • Kick-off of the network for 3 years from October 2013, activities starting beginning of march 2014 (starting with workshops), launch the network at the end of 2014
  • 10% to 20% of the revenue will go the network
  • The network will provide online training and tools on promotion and marketing, business model and quality, to experts.
  • Facilitating exchange of experience on use of wikis for educational purposes

6. advantage for companies

  • Guarantee of the selection. Experts selected through requirements profile (know-how, experience, references)
  • Record of customer satisfaction feedback (requires) = in-built quality and evaluation methodology
  • Guiding philosophy of WikiSkills is pedagogical, not technological 
  • Dynamic network which gardens the wiki tools and uses them permanently
  • Services based on a successful European network of recognised Wiki experts   

7. General conditions

  • Expected minimum number of experts of 10, as of Jan 2014 (otherwise: dismiss the sustainbaility plan, activation of plan B: a living  archive of the wikiskills project + submission of new LLP & FP8  projects, that's it)
  • System of payment : to be clarified when the network starts (i.e. paypal, on account) 
  • Leading the network : Wikimedia Foundation Former President Florence Devouard (proposed) on name.

8. Cornerstones of membership

Fee per year to be paid by each expert: 200€/year, discounted from the initial 200€ that each expert will generate with customers identifed through wikiskills listing.
If no income is generated within one year, the member can be expelled from the network. Members pay 10%-20% of all WikiSkills income generated to the network.
Minimum number of experts to start: 10 people from January 2014 (otherwise: abandonment of the sustainbaility plan, activation of plan B: a living archive of the wikiskills project + submission of new LLP & Horizon 2020 projects)
Set up policies / guidelines for the experts.
System of payment: paypal, on account (to be detailed).

9. Legal Issues - GOVERNANCE DRAFT

  • Membership network is administrated by,
  • Contract with the experts 
  • The network will not be responsible for the quality of the services the experts provide
  • Legal entity will be
  • Individual, not institutional membership
  • Leadership/Head of the network : Florence Devouard (proposed) on name will provide : 

  • Promoting the wikiskills services (for press, for newsletter...)
  • Managing the 10%-20% fee that will be paid on each service provided through network, to pay general cost (hosting, promoting...)
  • Mediation in case of conflict between experts
  • Submiting projects on calls (LLP, FP8...)

 Decision-making in the network:

  • Decisions are formed by majority of the experts through network regulation wiki

10. Weak points (critical)

  • No insurance of generating income 
  • Multilingual problem (hard for a Greek expert to be promoted in Greece since we have no central promoter that speaks Greek sufficiently, so experts in Greece will probably have to translate newsletter etc) but we will focus on international companies
  • Those who pay usually want to receive technology services
  • Possible experts also can access the WikiSkills-materials freely - therefore we cannot guarantee the quality of the wiki training


in case members are not satisfied - decisions are formed by majority and consensus of the experts

The customers (mostly big private and public organisations) will slowly help pay for services starting in 2014, and the delivery of these services will oblige the network of expert (providing these services) to maintain and update the wikiskills pedagogical material and dissemination activities, thus serving both the paying customers AND the teachers and students that are the initial beneficiaries of the wikiskills tools.

By generating incomes through a large panel of sources since 2014, such as the emerging customers of the experts and the wikinomics Leonardo TOI project funds, the 2012-2013, Wikiskills project will be sustained since 2014 and the pedagogical patrimony at disposal of the 4 KA3 target publics will be updated and will NOT become quickly obsolete or unknowm in the communities of practices needing it.

usecase : EA
Proposal from Yorg to EA to promote the network of expert in Greece. Message to be sent to a large group of 20-100 independant trainers/consultants in Greece

EA is offering you a 3 day workshop in Switzerland in November 2013. This workshop is aiming to support you to generate more income from 2014 onwards, by providing improved services (training, consultancy) as  independant expert of the online collaborative culture.
Apply now and you will get an answer latest by the end of october 2013.See form in English
in complement to the global questions in the form, we would have :
- where are you located to provide services ?- what would be your pricing to provide training services to EA (one of  your possible customers) about 10% of your time for exemple 4h per week  each 2 weeks, per hour of work, for a mandate representing about 100  hour per 12 month ?
What you will receive : - travel 3 days- accomodations 3 nights- meals 3 days- invoice for your consultancy (evaluation report on the patrimony of  wikiskills and needs to improve it), corresponding to about 4 hours before the workshop and 4 hours after: 500€

A check list (with  examples if necessary) of needs/conditions with : 
- exemples of videos 8for social network viral marketing, for webinar, for other...)- languages of video- list of places to disseminate our patrimony for a good moral credit online (wikiversity, wikibook...)- degree of interest in articles from Yorg book "citoyens du net" (translated into English, german, greek, spanish)- presentation of Prefercom call product- bootcamp proposal outside wikiskills funds- detail of address book of possible customers- call product TEDxGeneva yearly meeting and possible conferences for experts

* orange highlights are not always clear* lack of sources/proofs     - p9 "Trust people..." (deliverable 3.4)     - p11 c)*

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