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Exploitation Analysis, Wikimedia Sverige (Sweden)

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Influencing person /

institution / factor

stakeholder / key person


Type of




Character of


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Importance of the

influence rated 1-5


Steps to be taken

Webbstjärnan, a national web publishing contest

Cooperation? Could wikis be added as another category in the Swedish schools web publishing contest?Ongoing dialoguehigh if we decide to proceed with some kind of cooperation, but not focused on our target group


?No contact taken?


Per Falk (ICT pedagogue)

Help Mr. Falk starting a incubator for school wiki projects?Ongoing dialogueHigh, but might be outside the scope of the WikiSkills project

Medioteket Stockholm (a communal teachers repository), Elisabeth Söder

Has a network of teachersMeeting2


.SE (Swedish top domain administrator, has had a lot of projects related to ICT in school)

Webbstjärnan, incubator, other projectsYet to be investigated?

Digidel (Ongoing campaign for bridging digital divides in Sweden)

Contact taken 121220 when we became members of the network4


 Wikimedia Movement (Wikimedia Foundation    
 Dela - meeting place for all who care about education and learning:

2843 members. Network of preschool teachers, primary school teachers, secondary school teachers, student teachers, IT teachers, librarians, museum educators, university teachers, school leaders, scientists, politicians,

regular status updates on what is going on in the WikiSKills project 

The Wikimedia movement and in special Wikimedia SE

Hub for related projectsWikimedia SE is one of several WM administrated projects5

SKL (Organisation for Swedish municipalities, counties and regions)

Awarness rasingNo contact taken4
Folkbildningsnätet, organisation for folk high schools (Jörgen Qvartsenklint / Mathias Anbäcken)Has a network of educators, also possible publicity.Meeting3
 Lärarnas riksförbund (teachers union) No contact yet  ? 
 Lärarförbundet (teachers union)  No contact yet ? 
 Skolverket (National agency for education)Might be interested in putting in e.g. the PIM project or the project "IT i skolan" No contact yet 3 
Anna-Karin Hatt (minister of ICT)  Spreading the word No contact yet 5 
Linköping university, ICT pedadogics Try perhaps Birgitta Weibull,, forskningsinformatör på Linköpings universitet  2 
 Folbildningsrådet - Swedish government Dissemination of learning materialIndirectly through Håkan at studiefrämjandet 5
 Tärna folkhögskola, ICT pedagogics   2 
Studiefrämjandet* is one of the largest study associations for adult education in Sweden. They work mainly in the field of non-formal life-long learning. Håkan 5

Håkan har kontakt med Folkbildningsrådet - en statlig myndighet - angående ett samarbete om att sprida info om MediaWiki, Wikimedia Sverige och Wikipedia. Håkan är därmed intresserad av att få tillgång till det lärmaterial som vi använder oss av inom WikiSkills. 

Regionbiblioteket Stockholm which manages the project Ortsportaler which engages 6 municipalitiesin Sthlm  Potential endusersLisbeth Schoultz Káplár has shown interest in WikiSkills 3 
All universities in Sweden    

The communicator and blogger Navid Modiri,


Awarness rasing  2 
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