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Guidelines for organization of focus groups and introductory courses

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About the guidelines

These guidelines will help partners to perform their introductory workshops. The introductory workshops will lay the foundation for the Needs Analysis Report which will be the base for the future face-to-face-courses and online-courses. The guidelines should instruct a partner about procedures, instruments and reporting template necessary to organize the focus groups.

Target users

Each partner will contact their target users in order to find participants for the introductory workshops.

Guidelines and course content for the introductory courses

Suggested length of workshop: 2-3 hours

After/during introductory workshop, let partner fill out reporting Reporting template for introductory course.

Timeline and deadlines

Deadline Partner in charge Description of task Comment
  AllOrganize your focus/target group. Find participants corresponding to your target group. Aim: 10-20 participants.   
March 2  AllTranslate survey for educational practioneers to your target group: Survey in French, Swedish, Spanish, Greek, German    
March 6  ChemaSet up multilingual survey  
March 7  AnnaWrite a users guide how to contact local Wikimedia Chapter  
March 7  AnnaList useful dissemination sites.    
March 7  AllSend out survey for educational practioneers to your target group    
March 9 AllContribute to the course content above (Contribute = Read, Write, Correct, Comment)   
March 9  AllContribute to reporting template 
March 29 Anna  baby delivery (-; 
April 2 AllEach partner send a brief qualitative analysis of the survey 
April 4 AllReport results from the survey for educational practioneers   
April 15  
April 20
 All?Each partner perform at least one introductory workshop with focus group  
April 17
April 22
May 10
 AllFill out the reporting template (needs analysis report). Each partner will report on their focus group, including the elicited needs.   
April 21
April 24

WM SE and UB?Deliver synthesized and compiled final report: The deliverable will consist of a compilation and synthesis of partner's reports  
April 28
WM SE and UB? Final delivery date of needs analysis report  


  • How to involve the focus group in the evaluation and capitalization process?
  • Will all partners do introductory workshops? Mac Team etc ?
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