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Last modified by Anna Bauer on 2012/05/30 16:58


  • Enable exportion to ODT:
    XWiki pages can be exported as odt-documents. But to enable this, an office server must be started. This means that the server administrator (CESGA) must install either LibreOffice or OpenOffice on the server, and configure it correspondingly in the configuration file
  • Organize the content. I think nowadays is complicated to find a page (unless, of course, you know the title and search for it) /Chema
  • Install secure protocol on the server (HTTPS) (Done)
  • Add panel for My recent edited pages (Done)
  • Add panel for My last visited pages (Done)
  • Add possibility to do a version summary of an edit. Maybe this is not possible when the function Autosave is on. (Done, but it is not mandatory to fullfill it, do I change it? /Chema
    • I don't think it needs to or even should be mandatory. /Anna
  • Chat?
    • Do us really need the chat application?? I think it  may be a little confuse /Chema
      • We can do without it too. Sometimes, when you see in the recent changes that somebody else is online it could be useful if you want to discuss structure of a report or likewise However Skype is usually fine too. I have not tried the chat myself. I guess I am only a bit curious I don't ask you to do anything about this point 
  • Try "App within minutes" for doing a form to add learning scenarios in an ordered way
    • Anna, this is what you have already done for the learning scenarios templates, isn't it? /Chema
      • Actually no, The learning scenario template is really only a template. App within minutes gives you a possibility to quickly create a form for more structured data which then can be presented in sortable and filterable easy to use table Read more here: It is not something which I demand. Only an interesting and powerful tool which we could make use of. I see many potential uses for "App within minutes" in this project. Actually it would perhaps have been even better to collect learning scenarios as structured data (instead of templates" since then the scenarios can easily be sorted and filtered on all different characteristics. For example, a user could easy search for all learning scenarios that include "higher education" and the "learning subject" Physics and where Wikipedia is used as a "learning resource". Anyway, I just inform you about the possibility. You do not need to do anything until we decide that "App within minutes" is something we will use for a task. I don't need it right now.   
  • Add possibility to use letters like åÅ äÄ and öÖ in page titels


  • The search feature does not work for the moment: Lucene reconstruit actuellement son index, 415 documents dans la file. Chema, you must configure the working directory of the XWiki servlet by setting the configuration variable '' in WEB-INF/xwiki.cfg and make sure the application server have write access to the configured directory. Already working emoticon_smile/Chema
  • Where is the space AppWithinMinutes? Ok, I found it: But I had to restore it because you had deleted it for some reason. Also annotations etc is deleted Why?/Anna . Restored/Chema
  • I don't think it is wise to let everybody have admin and delete rights in the WikiSkills space. I doubt that most users know how to use it. Also I (as others may too) have used a sloppy password since I didn't know I was admin. Moreover, since I can't login using https (correct me if I am wrong) I don't think there would be much of use to change my password either/ Anna. HTTPS Implemented/Chema
Created by Anna Bauer on 2012/02/28 16:57

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