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List of extra training events

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Extra training events input (conferences, extra training  from  August 2013 untill the end of the project other training events:



(Done jointly with HES-SO)

  • Training for 10 teachers on November 14th, within DIDAC, the LLP unit of HES-SO
  • Online EDUCA pre-conference workshop on 4th December 2013 by EACEA with three key issues: Openness, Innovation, and  Inclusion - 15  minutes regarding the innovative aspects of collaborative learning and  how wikiskills project is contributing to it, on  key elements that can make the use of wikis for learning a success, lessons learned, contributions deriving from the project. The audience will be mainly other  project representatives, representatives of the Agency, DG Education and  Culture of the European Commission and possibly representatives of  Ministries of Education across Europe. In total there should be maximum 100 people. The presentation would need to be in  English.
  • Dec 5th : LEARNSHOP on wikiculture, online-educa Berlin 
  • DEC 6th : TEDxGenevaWomen  on collaborative culture
  • Nov. 19th : presentation of wikiskills results with experts in Geneva

P2 : Die Berater

Will check, still expected :-) 


P3 : EA

  • DigiSkills Summer School were 63 participants also trained in wiki tools
  • Oct 31th 2012 : WikiSkills Conference in Greece with 40 participants
  • Presentation of wikiskills during EDEN meeting in Budapest, oct 2013


P4: UB

  • Presentation of an article at the ICERI2012 ConferenceICERI2012 (5th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation), an   International Forum for researchers and practitioners in the field of   Education and Research. 
  • UB   presented an article related to the results of the WikiSkills project:   Barajas, M., Frossard, F. (2012). Obstacles and success factors for   integrating wiki approaches in the classroom: teachers' perceptions.
  • DIM-Espiral symposium 2013 - DIM Espiral is a yearly symposium  which  focuses on educational technologies. The audience is composed of   practitioners from primary to universitary education. 
  • TransIt Summer  school (Transversal key competences for lifelong  learning: training  teachers in competence based education) - Transit  summer school aimed to  train in-service teachers to the different  competences to be taught to  students, according to the competence model  developed by teh European  Commission. WikiSkills activities were  presented as good practices to  foster students' competences. 

P5: MAC-Team

  • MAC-Team presented wiki approaches at
    all other projects meetings: Certitute (tutor certification), Risky Knowledge , RESPECT (Responsible Purchasing Practices and collaborative approaches) 
    and to some partner organisations with whom we are considering implementing now a wiki (FARNET, some unions in France, an Open Innovation network...)
  • MAC-Team should go further on wiki training deliveries with FBS in 2014 to deploy it generally other the 5 campuses and into all teacheing/learning activities of the business school. A workshop is planned in January in 2014 to assess needs and objectives at wider scale based on the revolutionary pedagogic strategy which has been launched by FBS in its academic year 2013/2014. 
  • As a follow-up of the presentation meetings indicated above, MAC-Team will implement a wiki solution and culture as a general operational principle for the new European network on Open Innovation (35 countries, 52 partners). Kick-of is in January 2014 (MAC-Team is in charge of the web and collaborative tools for the network).
  • MAC-Team will promote the results of the WikiSkills culture to the Belgian LLP agency with whom we also have contacts for ECVET (meeting in December 2013).
  • MAC-Team staff will be encouraged and supported to be involved in the pool of wiki "experts" to be deployed by the WikiSkills project in its exploitation and sustainability plan. To that extend, MAC-Team will also provide a certain amount of resources (staff and possibly support for the hosting of the future technical platform) for the exploitation phase beyond the end of the project. 


Done jointly with (see above).


  • WikiSkills workshop 3rd of October 2013: Wikis: Tools for learning and sociocultural development

P8  WM SE:

Wikimedia Sverige participates in Wikimania Hong Kong and the Wikimedia Diversity conference.

Wikimedia Sverige arranges:

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