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Planning Belgium Meeting June12

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Arrival on the 12th evening.
Social evening with partners.


Day 1 June 13th :
09.00 am -> 5.30pm : working session at Liège University
 (including lunch pause at noon).

Morning :

 0. General overview of the project
 and next meeting schedules (planing automn 2012 meeting).

 1. WP1 Management.
    - Financial and admin issues,
    - Review of communication tools and principles.

 2. WP2 : D2.1 & D2.2, final validation & possible complements.

 3. WP7 & WP8 : review & validation of Quality management and evaluation plan.

Lunch : at ULG cafeteria.

Afternoon :

 4. WP3 : creating, editing and adapting the training contents (part 1, minimum 2 hours).

Evening : conference at ULG (Liège University) In French by Florence Devouard (wikiculture) & Théo Bondolfi (netizenship).

Shorter in total then in Barcelona (maximum total 90 minutes).


Day 2 june 14th :

09.00 am -> 5.30 pm : working session at Liège University

 1. Morning WP3 : Creating, editing and adapting the training contents (part 2, long)
 Including testing scenarios, discovering wikis, internal experiments with Florence Devouard for and delegate.

Lunch : at ULG cafeteria.

2. Afternoon : continuing WP3 testing of scenarios, discovering of tools, and sharing know-how on how and which wiki using.

 Social evening with partners.


Day 3 June 15th :

09h00am -> 1h00 pm : working session at Liège University

1. WP4 Implementing the training, planing of training of trainers.

2. WP6 : exploitation of the results of SoA (dissemination).

3. WP5 Dissemination actions and planing.

End of the meeting


Initial proposal based on the telconf meeting minutes May 9th 2012 :

- Agenda for the conference:
      * WP1: Administration issues, communication, etc.
      * WP2: Status of deliverables of work (1-2 hours)
      * WP3:
              Planning of methodologies, tools, and expected actions form each partner  
              Definition of a wiki space for intersted to start collaborate
      * WP5:
              Presentation by each partner, about the dissemination actions already performed
              Discussion on how to promote the use of wikis among unaware communities
              Local conference in Liege (on Wednesday or Thursday evening) (Théo + Pascal)
              Website (content / translations)
       * WP6: Exploitation: (expected results: for target groups /connection with Dissemination)
                                       what can be exploited by each partner at the end of the project
       * WP7: Quality assurance procedure
       * WP8: Planning of the evaluation plan and procedures
                  To be validated by Théo.

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