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Quality Report for WP2 / Deliverable D2.3

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D2.3 WikiSkills Internal Quality Report

DELIVERABLE (D2.3) – Pedagogical Framework for collaborative Learning through Wikis

Status: Draft 

Nature of the deliverable


Expected impacts

Short term : the deliverable will provide recommendations for the realization of the project's next steps: WP3 (Creating, Adapting and Editing the Training Content) and WP4 (Implementation of Training). Furtehrmore, the pedagogical framework will be evaluated throughout the project. Thus, evaluation framework and procedures (WP8) will take it into account.

Long term : The pedagogical framework will, through the WikiSkills training, have a direct impact on the target groups (i.e. teachers and trainers Comenius, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci and GRUNDTVIG educational sectors) which will benefit from the project. Furthermore, the pedagogical framework will  be widely diffused to external parts (for example, through scientific publications), thus impacting wider educational communities (including national and international policies, educational experts and researchers).

Work Package:


Task No:


Task Responsible:

University of Barcelona / UB 


Mario barajas, Frédérique Frossard 

Internal Contributions from:
(list of contributors)

  • Fondation / YORG: 
  • "die Berater" Unternehmensbertungs GmbH / die Berater 
  • Ellinogermaniki Agogi School / EA
  • Pôle Européen des Coopérations Multi-Acteurs / MAC-Team 
  • Haute Ecole d'Ingénierie et de Gestion du canton de Vaud / HEIG-VD 
  • Fundación Centro Tecnológico de Supercomputación de Galicia / CESGA 
  • Wikimedia Sverige / 

Expected Date


Delivery Date


Target Group


Restricted to other programme participants (including Commission services and project reviewers)


Variations from expectations

None for now.

Effects and Impacts on the deliverable content
(vs content expected)


If variations on the expected results of the Deliverables, list potential Impacts on the other deliverables


Other Remarks

(need external review ?; update evaluation procedures, etc.)

As the main result of WP3, and as decisive for the project next steps, this delievrable should be proceeded o an external review (e.g. pedagogical expert with a wide experience with social software tools and wiki environments). 
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