Results from Greek translation of survey for educational practicioners

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Results National Survey (Greece)

1. Short general national impressions

According to the national survey, the most known wiki in Greece is Wikipedia; other Wikis are not very well know by the participants and therefore wikis are not broadly used in educational organisations. The most common use of wikis in Greece is to add or edit content to pages that already exist.


2. Impact on educational issues

Participants seem to nor know many thinks about what wikis offer, nevertheless they do not use wikis in educational settings.

The main reason why wikis are not used for educational settings is the lack of support from educational organisations and also the lack of training for the teachers.


3. Conclusions

Raising awareness and knowledge of the use of wiki could help to overcome barierrs like lack of knowledge of wiki value for education, low quality of internet access in many school area and lack of ICT competences of teachers


Detailed Analysis:

In Total 14 teachers answered the survey.

Contribution to wikis:
Two out of those 14 people use wikis a lot. Most of the participants contribute occasionally.
In terms of how they contribute, most respondents answered that they added content to an existing page or change existing pages. Only 3 people added content to a page that they had created. Also 2 people added comments to a discussion page. On one has socially administrated a wiki or programmed new functions for a wiki engine.

Which wiki-based projects are most familiar in Greece?
Wikipedia is by far the most known wiki-based project (14 answers). After that follow Wikibooks (3 answers), Wikimedia Commons and Wikitravel (1 answers). Wikiversity, Citizendium, Ekopedia, Jurispedia, Curriki are not known at all.

Which wiki-based projects are the respondents familiar with?
In Greece participants are not familiar with any wiki based project

Target group and beneficiaries
The target audiences of the respondents are mostly secondary teachers. The respondents want to use wikis for their lessons and their students.
Some would also like to use wikis with their collegues

Examples of wiki-based learing-scenarios
• Find information for their lessons
• Creating presentations, platform for information, collection of ideas
• Wiki application

Support to use wikis in teaching
Regarding the support of the superiors most have no support at all (13 in total). Only 1 of the respondents said they have support.

Concerning the support of collegues most of the respondents answered that they don’t care. Students are giving more support for using wikis in teaching.

Involvement in a Wiki Community for external support
None of the respondents take part in a wiki community.


Main advantages of using wikis in teaching / learning settings
• Transfer of knowledge
• Knowledge building
• Preparation for exams

Main barriers to the use of wikis in the actual educational society
• Technical barrier
• Time exposure
• Language
• Basic computer and internet knowledge is missing
• Do not want to share

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