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See also, as a second alternative, the one day course.

This is a brief English translation of the curriculum we intend to use in Sweden. Full version in Swedish: sv

Concept: The participants are presented with a number of questions to do research around and answer. For research notes and presentation, the participants use a local wiki, emptied att the start of the course. This way, the participants will have to get to know the wiki while solving the tasks. The wikis will be set up at the Swedish educational wiki farm

Day two will be spent imagining learning scenarios using wikis, that the trainers will then attempt to use in their trainig settings.

The training will be conducted jointly by WikiSkills and the Wikipedia Educational Program, WEP.

Duration: Three days, two of which would be face to face. 

Equipment: Internet connection, computers for those who do not wish to bring their own.

Outlinee of the course:

Day one


  • Presentation WEP + WS
  • Introduction to the training
  • Introduction to wikis


  • Introduction to the training wiki (with some simple exersices)

12.00 Lunch


  • Individual research. Each participant will be presented with two questions, one of which s/he has in common with another participant.
  • Eg.:
  • Who decides what contributions that get to stay in Wikipedia?

What large sites use wikis?

    • What is Creative Commons? What is the difference between licensing and copyright?


  • Brief gathering to solve any obstacles the participants might have.
  • Going through the discussion page
  • Participant should now start finalizing their presentations. For one of their tasks, they will need to share wiki page with someone else. Use section editing and the discussion page to get aroun editing conflicts!


  • Demonstrations


  • Debriefing

17.00 Over

Day two


  • Retrospective
  • Creating learning scenarios two by two or three by three, within a given setting (using the same model as in the first workshop/focus group)

12.00 Lunch


  • Presentation and discussion


  • Introducing the next step

  • Participants will have finalize their scenarios in the wiki at home, and decide on a free content license to release them with.
  •  These pages can later be moved to the WikiSkills wiki.

15.00 Over

Day three

Trainers attempt to use their scenarios in the classroom. We will somehow be there for support and feedback (IRL, or in some other way)

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