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Users guide how to contact local Wikimedia Chapter

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Basic facts about local chapters

  • 40 chapters
  • independant from Wikimedia Foundation
  • of different level of development. Some have been around for a while, while others are completely new.
  • chapters have members, a board and sometimes employees. 
  • most people work on a voluntary basis. The board is not paid. Sometimes there is staff which is employed.
  • Mission statement: 

Contact and communication details presents details about a chapters:

  • Website
  • Accounts for social networking services like, Twitter, Facebook 
  • Mailing list 
  • IRC
  • Mail contact
  • User contact
  • Other Contact presents details about a chapters:

  • Postal address
  • Website
  • Email

FAQ and a small piece of advice

Generally: It is always good to make sure that your request is inline with the mission of the Wikimedia Movement (see Basic facts).

Q: What tone?

A: Be polite when asking for spreading the WikiSkills info. A chapter is in its full right to deny you publicity if they don't find that you deserve it. Also remember that most people work on a volunteer basis. 

Q: Who should one contact (legitimacy)?

A: Chapters like Wikimedia projects are usually very flat organizations. I guess you will find the right person by using the recommended contact person. 


Q: Direct contact or indirect contact? (Could this question be clarified?)

A: Just make sure you have a clear description of what you want to get achieved. Then contact Wikimedia Chapters directly.

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