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WP7 Quality management

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All events and documents that belong to WP7. 

- Quality Plan (project aims and organisation)

  1. Quality Plan Version 1.0
  2. - Quality Plan Version 1.1

- Performance Process and Tools

Deliverable Quality Reports:

All report will have their own quality report document based on feedback of deliverable contributors.

WP2 Deliverables Quality Reports

  1. Final Quality Report on D.2.1
  2. Final Quality Report on D.2.2 : no use. All content is included in D.2.3
  3. Final Quality Report on D.2.3 / Final version of D2.3 

WP3 Deliverables Quality Reports

  1. Final Quality Report on D.3.3
  2. Final Quality report on D3.4

Wikiskills outcomes / external experts review

  1. Quality review of WikiSkills outcomes by the network of external experts

Final Quality Deliverables :

D.7.1 - Quality Plan

D.7.2 - Deliverables Quality Report

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