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WikiSkills 3rd Partnership Meeting Minutes

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WikiSkills Athens' meeting - MINUTES

Participants : Miguel, Leo, Pascal, Yves, Argiris, Chema, Jenny, Théo, Frédérique

e-mails :,,,,,

DAY 1 : 29/10/2012  (from 14:00, to 18:00, then public conference) :  


Generalities : 

1. From now on, we will add a webtooin our working group to organise tasks and responsabilities  :

All the webtools are presented on the homepage of our moodle platform on

2. Intermediary should be sent by latest end of december, and cover untill end of noivember (including financial expenses).

This means we need to receive your financial documents by end December 5th.




WP5 (dissemination issues) linked WP4


1. LInkdein main tool

We decided we will use mostly Linkedin, in English.

Each partner is invited to make digest of the most useful news from Linkedin into his language for its target public.

2. Dissemination plan

Each partner has to fulfill its dissemination plan in details 

Still some partners must fulfill the dissemination actions

To avoid confusion, we use the date format like this : 04 May 2012 and NOT 04/05/12

Die Berater ; <> internal 300 trainers to be trained, external contacted by mail (20% positive feedback).

Ynternet : linkedin, Diigo group ; prepare a playlist of video;

Should film the feedback of workshops.

3. Video

Currently : 22 video identified.

We confirm that we deeply encourage (no obligation but most welcome) to have video-recorded testimony/feedbacks by teachers and students receiveing the wikiskills pilot training.

To be explored further: idea of contest for illustrative video on wiki skills:

  • don't forget to validate that we ned the contest, or for what/how to reward? (i.e. is it a contest to reward produced videos? or is it a contest like a call for paper, and then to provide a team/budget for producing videos that are needed for the WikiSkills project?
  • out of the 6,000 euro budget of the video line, do we take one part for financial rewarding? do we want to make a financial rewarding or rewarding can in in other ways (image / promote the laureates? provide in kind: trips / books / materials / tools? ...)
  • topics to be clarified: 
  • do we need to identify gaps to be covered (gaps, compared to illustrative materials we miss for the WikiSkills promotion or training materials)?
  • are we looking for videos on how-to related to wiki skills or rather on results based videos after wiki usage?
  • others...?
  • vote / poll / selection process has to be clear (especially if financial rewarding): define several groups of voters (teachers, trainees, WikiSkills and why not some of the target groups per LLP sub-programme). Remark: shall we as well include the initial 22 videos into the contest?
  • scope of the contest (one or several): geographical/countries? sectors? LLP sub-programmes?  contexts (continuous education, academic, enterprise, supply chain, ...)
  • then in terms of technicalities for the implementation, some points to take care (tbd when above points are defined):
  • privacy issues/formalities on persons, locations, brands, ... which could be embedded in the videos
  • IPR licences of contributions
  • financial issues of contest money/grant depending on national laws (may to indicate that contest under xxx law and already include evntual taxes)
  • clarify acceptance of the rules? + check if there is a need for validation by "huissier"/or kind of notaris represntative.
  • way to inform people/publicity of calls/results..
  • framework to submit proposals: (using a wiki place as well...).



DAY 2 : 2012-10-30 (from 09:30, to 5:00)

WP2 "Evaluation" what we have done? Is it corresponding with expected planing/results ? What was good, what should be improved (in our processes...) ? 

Resume :

D2.1 : finalised and approved

D2.2 : finalised (QA process on it D.2.2 is included into the QA of the D2.3, as content are included in D2.3) 

D2.3 : finalised.  2 types of quality insurance are being run:

  • - External: UB performed external QA review with a wiki expert in Barcelona >> the deliverable will adapted according to suggestions until November 16th a

Deliverables D2.1 to D2.3 are confidential >> only the final version of the report of D.2.3 will be made public under a Free Art licence ( and CC-BY-SA licence They will be posted on the WikiSkills website, and disseminated through our channels.

The exact formulation (to be confirmed) will be : Copyright [author-s] for project coordinated by foundation, under Free Art Licence ( & CC-BY-SA ( + the disclaimer of the EU commission.

It can be resumed in short documents (such as a flyer) as [C] team under FAL & CC-BY-SA (or logo of CC-BY-SA

mandatory indications for the EU support:

Written mention

  • for Visibility activities: Don't forget to mention: "With the support of the [name of the programme] of the European Union"
  • for Publications: Beneficiaries must clearly acknowledge the European Union's contribution in all publications or in conjunction with activities for which the grant is used. 
  • Please use the following sentence:
  • "This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein."
  • LLP logos (EU flag + programme name):


WP8 - Evaluation Framework Presentation - impacts for Training Evaluation

  • Be aware of indicators evaluating the courses (teachers and students) and also indicators evaluating the project

Tools for Training evaluation : xwiki for trainers; googledocs for trainees

Add a dimension : Impact Assessment at project level

Add a dimension : teacher learning incomes from interaction with trainees.

Suggestions for Wiki Keycompetences restructuring (Wiki Definition within WikiSkills Project 

based on collaborative webtools (including wiki webtools).

1) did student present himself as author online somewhere (in authoring page of a wiki, on an ePortfolio, on a social network such as linkedin...) ?

2) did student edit a page in a formal dimension (spelling, bold, summary...) ?

3) did student subscribe as follower of articles/pages ?

4) did student initiate a wiki page, PAD or online working group about any topic ?

5) did student interact with multimedia tools in a collaborative webpage

  • 5a) embed...
  • 5b) upload...

Idea for future publication: Update of the state of the art with the fourth component: extension to other tools that use the wiki culture (key-word: benchmarking)


To be eventually added in SB indicators 

- Connection with the curriculum 

- Adequation of the pedagogical objectives to the profile of the group of students 

- Use of appropriate documental resources 

- Integration of the wiki in the planning of the educational activity 

- Detailed planning of the pedagogical evaluation of students  

- Planning of the necessary resources to conduct the educational activity 

- Feasability of the scenario

Who will complete indicators ?  

by profiles/roles , teachers, trainees, person in charge of pedagogy

Questionnaire : before the training to evaluate the knowledge and the expectation on courses, and the vision of WikiSkills Project

Interviews by country project partners at the end.

Option : Feedback of beneficiaries (on video).  ? Easy to use Tool like Skype for video registration of feedback.

How to connect the indicators with learning path ?

See Actions in Trello Board

example of tools for research activities and measuring users activity/behaviour when using some IT environment: (but not really to applied at WikiSkiils stage)


WP3 validation part 1 (to have it finalized by end of Nov 2012)

  •      WP status and training curriculum suggestion
  • OpenSpace and e-Learning Platform demo (Related with WP4)
  • Question about open training


D3.1 :

First part for scenarios validated but indicating that it is going to be updated after the implementation.

For training curriculum we are going to define a generic curriculum for all partners and a description of how are we going to adapt this model to each specific training.

Wikimedia SE /Training Curriculum



 Various vision of Curriculum .

 Learning by doing with no theory  : learning by using wikis  to create the experience. Teacher role could be to manage the experience process of the trainee not inform through lectures.



  Mediawiki Openspace :

  Chamilo eLearning platform :

>> Create a, account in the OpenSpace (Mediawiki) and use the same log in for the eLearning platform<<

Chema will give permissions to all partners in the Chamilo platform and provide documentation about how to use chamilo and openspace for the intermediary report and why we choose this software


 Handbook for Trainees ( D.3.3)  in English for the end of Nov.  (resume of State of the Arts and Generic Scenarios - sourced from D.3.1) /  

 Available in English for Nov 2012; translation 2013.

- Make the right questions 

- explain how to avoid choas in the classroom, i.e. how to manage security and responsible behaviours among students (protected access to editing functionalities, etc.)

- Objective: to provide trainers (training providers) a framewrok to give WIkiSkills training: suggested plan

* training curriculums (on the basis of D3.1)

* Some training resources: videos, texts of of interests, etc.)

 Guidelines for Teachers  (D3.4) : specification of how to set up a training curiculla and list of useful material, success factors (from D2.3)

 Available in English for Nov 2012; translation 2013.



Budget for D3.3. (1500€/partner) and D3.4. (1500€ per partner) will be used mostly for translation of these documents from EN to national language, and if budget is left, will be used for printing some examplars or other costs.






DAY 3 : 2012-10-31 (from 09:30, to 17:00)



- CESGA: contribution by Nov. 16 

- contribution by Nov. 28

- HEIG-VD and MAC-Team: contribution by the end of D8.1  (expected by 19 nov)


WP4  (starting in the morning 10am, Task 4.1 Definition and selection of  pilots  sites finishing early afternoon) / Planning; Implementation;  Evaluation

Numbers for f2f courses : 8 to 20 per training courses (countries).

ppt presentation (Agiris)

possibility to hire an external trainer >> transfer from the budget from other costs to subcontrasting > to be accepted by the EC 


WP1  : intermediary report


oThird meeting minutes 

oProgress report 

oA report on D3.3. 

oDissemination activities (fulfill template)

oDissemination materials (any documentation in which the project has been diffused: papers, newsletters, posters, etc.)

oReport on the website (objective, structure, functionalities, languages, statistics on usage, etc.)


oD3.1. finalized in template 

oDissemination activities (fulfill template)

oDissemination materials (any documentation in which the project has been diffused: papers, newsletters, posters, etc.)

oD8.1, finalized and in template

- DieBerater

oDissemination activities (fulfill template)

oDissemination materials (any documentation in which the project has been diffused: papers, newsletters, posters, etc.)

oD6.1 in template

- UB 

oD2.3 adapted to QA 

oCoordinate the translation of D3.4 in all languages 

oDissemination activities (fulfill template)

oDissemination materials (any documentation in which the project has been diffused: papers, newsletters, posters, etc.)


oA short report for D3.2., describing the tools chosen + justifying choices

oD5.1 in template 

oDissemination activities (fulfill template)

oDissemination materials (any documentation in which the project has been diffused: papers, newsletters, posters, etc.)

oReport on dissemination activities 

- MAC-Team 

oDissemination activities (fulfill template)

oDissemination materials (any documentation in which the project has been diffused: papers, newsletters, posters, etc.)

oD7.1 in template

oReport on D7.2, stating all quality activities, and including all QA reviews

- EA 

oDissemination activities (fulfill template)

oDissemination materials (any documentation in which the project has been diffused: papers, newsletters, posters, etc.)


oD2.2. in template 

oDissemination activities (fulfill template) 

oDissemination materials (any documentation in which the project has been diffused: papers, newsletters, posters, etc.)


WP6 : exploitation

The template for Exploitation Analysis

Sustainability of the WikiSkills community - establishing a network of practise and service

Linkedin shall be used for clustering experts. Experts should be active on linkedin and show what they have generated concerning the wiki culture. Goal: sustainability of the WikiSkills projects and wiki culture. The Experts will contribute and update the WikiSkills envirionment. The expert receive a certificate that he is a service providers oft he wikiskills network 

Experts will also be invited to the Conference in April 2013 and be listed on the WikiMatrix list of experts (


We will contact wikimatrix to cooperate (Phone: +49 +30 2809 6200). There is no educational material on the wikimatrix -> Leo will contact them to see if they are interested in our training curriculum and if they have something to share within this matter.

7 different roles :

  • technical role (Chema)
  • Wiki Skills trainers (Pascal, Theo, Yves)
  • Strategic Coaches - wikibased Internet development (Theo, Florence, Leo)
  • Conferencers (Florence, maybe Theo)
  • Gardeners / Community Managers (Florence)**
  • Awareness of mandate opportunies (Yves, Argiris)
  • booksprint leader / coach leader* 

*booksprint culture -

**Gardeners and Community Managers have to be developed and found throughout  the project

For each role we will need one expert.

It has to possible to contact the people via phone, post news, videos etc.


Results of the project will be put on WikiVersity (i.e. State of the Art report, Handbook). Leo will contact the community and put WikiSkills results on WikiVersity


die Berater (Jenny) will write an article on the roles and sustainability of the WikiSkills community

Next Meeting

Telconf meeting : one in end of november, one in mid december

the next meeting will take place in Swiss, from 17th to 19th April 2013

17th : eCulture forum on wikinomics (with probably a delegate of EACEA)

18th & 19th : coordination session on ongoing work

20th : extra day for a great visit of the Swiss montains

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