WikiSkills 4th Partnership Meeting

WikiSkills 4th Partnership Meeting

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WikiSkills 4th Partnership Meeting

Wikiskill meeting @ Santiago de Compostela


Participants :  Théo, Anna, Diego, Yves, Argiris, Jennyfer, Miguel, Frédérique, Dushan, Krista, Raphael, Gerold, Belgacem, Maria.



TODO LIST  (this contains the complete list of open tasks)




For each WP to update ToDo lists with Trello:


Next online meeting 

- 29/10 at 9.30 up to max 11h30, Anna Bauer invites

- 09/12 at 10.00 up to max 12am, Diego invites

Next (and last) face to face  meeting : geneva, November 2013, tuesday 18th evening to wedn. 20th afternoon.




Fulfillment the document for budget expenses has been done (  ) 

There is less then10% budget line movements. 

Most of the changes concern travel costs not used, which are passed to staff costs and sometimes also passed to other costs.

All partners will receive a link to a freezed updated budget, that wll be our guideline for the final financial report.


2) Scheduling the meeting in Geneva 19th 09am -> 20th 4.30 m

Goals : 

    - final report co-writing

    - second feedback from experts on the current content

    - rules and principles of the network of experts

    - last task review

    - to discuss coming cooperations and LLP-programme


Who planes to come and send expert : 

    P1 2-3 delegates + 2 experts

    P2 die Berater: maybe 1 project partner and 1 expert (to be confirmed)

    P3 EA 1-2 experts (one from school - to be confirmed)

    P4 UB: maybe one expert (to be confirmed) - awaiting for more information regarding the experts' profile and activities

    P5 - MAC-Team: 1 expert who was at the the Santiago meeting (Belgacem Guemida) + still open question to involve the FBS Learning Hub director as expert (the responsible of the FBS case deployed by MAC-Team)

    P6 HES-SO : 1 delegate and 1 expert (expert to be confirmed)

    P7 CESGA probably 1 partner and 1 expert, have to ask if he is available that dates. I will confirm within the next days 

    P8 - WM SE: Anna (if costs for the travel and staff will be added to WM SE budget for 3 days of work + travel)

Total time left should be divided into 

  • Making material better (upgrade: more sources)
  • Final report
  • Miscellaneous: meeting in Switzerland, financial report,  tel conferences, dissemination, finding experts, ebook, quality report...


P1 Yorg : total 20 days / upgrade 5 days / report (financial mostly) 10 days / diverse 5 days- CONFIRMED

P2 Die berater : Total 12 days / upgrade 2 days / report 5 days / diverses including eBook 5 days) - To be confirmed by partner for Oct. 15th 2013

P3 EA : Total  12 days  / upgrade 2 days / report 5 days / diverses including eBook 5  days) -  To be confirmed by partner for Oct. 15th 2013

P4 UB : Total  1days / upgrade of D3.4 4 days / Final report 3 days / diverses including eBook 3  days) - CONFIRMED

P5 MAC-Team : Total=9 days   / upgrade 2 days / Final report = 5 days  / diverse ((incl. 8.3) =2days - CONFIRMED

P6 HES-SO: 12 days  / upgrade 2 days / reports 7 days / diverses (including eBook 3)  days - CONFIRMED

P7 CESGA  : 12 days  / upgrade 2 days / report 5 days / diverses including eBook 5  days) -  CONFIRMED

P8  WMSE : Total  11 days  / upgrade 1,5 days / report 2 days / diverses including eBook & dissemination 7,5  days) -  Confirmed. Total days after taking the Santiago meeting into account. These total 11 days then includes the extra 2000 EUR from Ynternet to cover the Geneva trip.

3) Final Report

  • XLS financial template for partners to download, to fill it in with all the expenses for their organisaiton and to upload back into your own private space (adding the name ot its organisation in the filename)
  • please, do not forget to upload all the corresponding justificative documents (1 pdf file per expense line you add in the table).
  • for each of these justificative documents, please use a similar naming structure as the one indicated for the travel, sub-contracting or other costs (including your partner-number, the tab reference, a numbering order, and a very short description).
  • please: only use english alphabet and replace any space in the file name with an hyphen (a "-", minus sign).
  • place for future link to the GoogleDoc for the PUBLIC narrative report  (to be released by the 14th October for the partners to contribute to)
  • place for future link to the GoogleDoc for the CONFIDENTIAL narrative report  (to be released by the 14th October for the partners to contribute to)
  • Don't forget to include quality assessment on the various tasks/activities/seminar you were involved in (feedback reports, assessment of these feedbacks, how they have been taken into account or to be included in next steps/versions/exploitation plan...)
  • include constructive remarks (to illustrate quality process) more as comments than rather e-mails
  • Collect as well information on the dissemination activities : target groups reached, figures, impact obtained, follow-up after the dissemination activity itself).
  • Steps proposed:
  • XLS financialtemplate is already available for partner to fill in:
  • by 15 November: all partners to have input the XLS at least with their 1st year financial date, and it is highly encouraged to fill it in up to November/December 2013
  • this will enable checing for each partner if it has any difficulty in filling in the template and providing the corresponding justificative documents
  • final financial data: by end-december 2013 or 15 January 2013
  • Confidential narrative report: as much as possible from each partner (at least their dissemination and training activities) by 15 November 2013
  • like that we can see what need to be asked further to the partners at the next meeting in November 18-19


4. Final payment max. 20% funds left 

After receiving the last sum from EACEA, is proposing to pay in the 15-20 days maximum.

5. Next online meeting 

- 29/10 at 9.30 up to max 11h30, Anna Bauer invites

- 09/12 at 10.00 up to max 12am, Diego invites


6. Next (and last) face to face meeting 

18th evening : arrival  in Geneva

19th morning:

group 1 (delegates of 8 partners) global review of tasks and final report part 1

group 1 (experts) : global review of conditions to take part, and 

group 2 

19th afternoon

Plenary : presentation of the network of expert in plenary (patrimony, principes of functioning, plan of action)

tTwo workgroups : the two "wiki-skills-matching" workshops on "using the results of pilot to update the connexion between the key-competences and their description (then adapting them to updated scenarios and possible videos)"

19th evening

Plenary : dissemination event with experts and partners, projection of video, cocktail.

20th all day (end 4.30 PM) : 

workshop 1 (second part), 

final report part 2,

brief final review of tasks.


WP2 :

Nothing to say, WP closed, done.






Draft of video will be shownearly Oct, and the film will be finalized end of October.

We propose to do 2 final videos : 

  •     1. Dissemination video : teaser for viral marketing on "wikis & collaborative culture" - duration 2-4 minutes
  • aim : tease, awareness on wikiculture, catch attention, distribute through social network
  •     2. Video for trainees (task 3.3) with best practices on the wikiskills project  - duration 16-24 minutes
  • examples of videos in the same spirit : 

  • Link for quotes and statistics : 

2) Task 3.3 Trainings Content development: 

- deadline given to add some sources : october 14th

- deadline for providing a translation to languages of the consortium : Dec 15th




Update the list of scenarios with those effectively tested, if they are not in the list yet: 


The  goal is that the expert appreciate and use these scenarios for sustainability of the project since 2014.

Deadline : complement of scenarios for oct 30th 2013


Ynternet: collaborative note-taking + social bookmarking (using diigo)

die Berater: will put the scenario on the xwiki, / "Liquid Course Book" = wiki textbook on agriculture

EA: to be defined

Mac team: Not online : collaborative note-taking + creating an article on an organization on wikipedia

HES-SO : collaborative note-taking and using wikipedia + using wikis for crossed interviews while developing ePortfolios

CESGA: Don't know yet. Will ask.

WM SE: Create topic guide collaboratively


Provide a link to the blockbuster scenario. We should use this template for each scenario (




·       FULFILL TEMPLATE SKILLS DEVELOPED PER SCENARIO (mapping of wiki competencies)

Fulfill  the tempate to list the skills developed in each wikiskills scenario.  Partners need to add their own assessment for 1 or 2 main scenarios  tested ( There are one tab for each partner. 

Deadline 30.10.2013


NB : we need first the scenario list with blockbusters updated



Adapt   the template of training coordination proposed by CESGA to a wiki page   including the question of "what worked best"-blockbusters- (Argiris  with the help of Anna). CESGA and EA will provide their templates as a  model on how to fulfill it. Deadline : 20.10.2013. 

Argiris will send a reminder to partners that have not provide input yet  + ask extra training events input (conferences, extra training  from  August untill the end of the project other training events)


WP4 : 

Task 4.4

Report on WIKI-SKILLS Implementation (listing the additional online trainings provided by partners) 

English version 15/11/2013

Language versions:     EN, FR, ES, DE, EL

NB : this deliverable D4.4.  is expected in the 5 languages.

Translated versions 30/12/2013





    - training for 10 trainers on Oct. 10th

    - Online EDUCA pre-conference workshop on 4th December 2013 by EACEA with three key issues: Openness, Innovation, and  Inclusion - 15  minutes regarding the innovative aspects of collaborative learning and  how wikiskills project is contributing to it, on  key elements that can make the use of wikis for learning a success, lessons learned, contributions deriving from the project. The audience will be mainly other  project representatives, representatives of the Agency, DG Education and  Culture of the European Commission and possibly representatives of  Ministries of Education across Europe. In total there should be maximum 100 people. The presentation would need to be in  English.

    - Dec 5th : LEARNSHOP on wikiculture, online-educa Berlin 

    - DEC 6th : TEDxGenevaWomen 

P2 : 

will check



P3 : EA

    - DigiSkills Summer School were 63 participants also trained in wiki tools

    - WikiSkills Conference in Greece with 40 participants



P4: UB

-   Presentation of an article at the ICERI2012 ConferenceICERI2012 (5th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation), an   International Forum for researchers and practitioners in the field of   Education and Research. 

UB   presented an article related to the results of the WikiSkills project:   Barajas, M., Frossard, F. (2012). Obstacles and success factors for   integrating wiki approaches in the classroom: teachers' perceptions.

-   DIM-Espiral symposium 2013 - DIM Espiral is a yearly symposium  which  focuses on educational technologies. The audience is composed of   practitioners from primary to universitary education. 

-  TransIt Summer  school (Transversal key competences for lifelong  learning: training  teachers in competence based education) - Transit  summer school aimed to  train in-service teachers to the different  competences to be taught to  students, according to the competence model  developed by teh European  Commission. WikiSkills activities were  presented as good practices to  foster students' competences. 

P5: MAC-Team

- we presented wiki approaches at all other projects meetings (Certitute, Risky Knowledge, RESPECT) and to some partners organisation with whom we are considering implementing now a wiki (FARNET, some unions in France...)

- we should go further on wiki training deliveries with FBS in 2014 to deploy it generally other the 5 campuses and into all teacheing/learning activities of the business school. (to start in January in 2014)

- we will implement a wiki solution and culture as a general operational principle for the new project to start the European network on Open Innovation (32 countries, 52 partners). Kick-of in January 2014 (we are in charge of the web and collaborative tools for the network).

- we will promote the results of the wikiskills culture to the Belgian LLP agency with whom we also have contacts for ECVET (meetings foreseen in December 2013).


Training for 10 teachers on November 14th, within DIDAC, the LLP unit of HES-SO


Will check

P8  WM SE: 

    I will ask WM SE to update this page: Generally, we do a lot of Wikipedia-workshops. For example 15 workshops/editathons to motivate Women to participate in Wikipedia: One editation on the same topic in october 


 5 wiki skills conferences (UB, MAC Team, EA,, CESGA) as sie action of the transnational coordination meetings of the partners



WP5: Dissemination

* Definitive attribution for content already produced (WP3.3, 3.4 etc...)  

Based on the proposal at this link

D 2.1: European State of the Art - Version 1.0

Coordinated by :

* Miguel Alarcón

* Florence Devouard

* Anna Bauer

* Frederique Frossard

D2.3: Pedagogical Framework fostering wiki uses - Version 1.0

Coordinated by :

* Mario Barajas

* Frederique Frossard

* Théo Bondolfi

* Florence Devouard

D3.3: Training content development and publication - Version 1.0

* Florence Devouard

* Théo Bondolfi

* Pascal Echardour

D3.4: Guidelines for trainers - Version 1.0

* Mario Barajas

* Frederique Frossard

* Florence Devouard

* Anna Bauer

* Translation of website into greek : 

    done, update will be uploaded for latest Nov. 10th

* dissemination plan form : new updates to be done 30.09.2013.

Partners have to anticipate and start planing and disseminating even more than the great job already done !


* identify groups using wiki as heart of their project (with community of users) - to plan a discussion with Anna/Flo/Theo before 5th of July


* information to wikimedia chapters (Anna). No deadline  - to plan a discussion with Anna/Flo/Theo before 5th of July

~** Same blog posts will also be published in Swedish on the Wikimedia Sverige blog

~** When blog posts on the WMF blogg I will email all European chapters and use some social media to spread the info


*Leaflets for promoting the Santiago conference in website : done


*Leaflet for promoting training and wikiskills european network of experts 30.09.2013

To be produced by and Die Berater and HES-SO for design.


 * Since november, we will also promote the network of expert, with this leaflet.

* Task 5.5 Dissemination material: UB prepared a 2nd project leaflet. It was validated by partners: 

Once the English is proofread, UB will make it availabe for translation in partners' languages (deadline 20th of November).



Expert Network:

For the Network of Experts comment and contribute on

Task 6.2 - Production of the Guidelines (ebook)

- Translation into FR, GR, EN is fine with EA, UB and Ynternet, they confirm they have the budget to translate the e-book with 20,000 words (10cents/word). Translations dur to Dec 15th

- Ynternet provides ISBN for e book

- licence: ccbysa

Issues raised by experts:

- also include description of licenses within the ebook

- at the end of the ecall: call for action

- adapt the ebook to different target groups (ie for trainers or for stakeholders)

- include media in the ebook (audia, video etc)

- Other ideas for exploitation (ongoing projects, new proposals, other national initiatives )


 strucure of the ebook

  • Finished at the end of the project targeting the public, trainers, students and also the stakeholders
  • pics and graphs used within ebooks will also be used for the public part of the final report

Content (between 1 and 20 pages):

  • Include pratical examples
  • include paragraph or quotations on wiki facts (see wikipage on xwiki "wiki facts"
  • will include best practices form the implementation and blockbuster scenarios 
  • parts of 3.3. and 3.4
  • wikiskills competences
  • framework Florence developed
  • visual design and layout will be done by Miguel, with budget updated after EACEA confirms they accept the update
  • first draft ready until 30/10/2013
  • final content (in EN) ready until the meeting in Swizerland in November (18/11/2013)
  • content: synopsis of all previous deliverables / publications (not much new content)
  • in the content, we should also focus on the fact that wikis are broader than Wikipedia
  • budget: 1000 Euros each partner (for translation)
  • initial application production of CD - we decided to not produce a CD and have everything online

Wiki expert network: 

*define  clear goals of the network

*define the profile of the experts

*discuss legal issues

* Competition within the network? Are experts having overlapping roles? Cooperation possible?

*What do partners of the network need? (What do they provide?)

* Do we have the same expectations on tasks? Same expectations on economic outcomes? - what services will the experts provide?

* Adobe Connect as an alternative to a physical meeting?

  • Which type(s) of business models do we have? (we have define some approach, but it may be needed to have clear(er) communication and dissemination about it (towards experts and towards customers).



WP7 & WP8 :

  • T8.1: Framework of the evaluation report. All the questions and guidelines are located in this section. It is recommended to read it and use the set of questions for the interviews to teachers and experts.

We leave the deliverable as it, and we will mention in D8.3 and the final report that they modify and adapt the evaluation framework thanks to trainees feedbacks. We must take advantage that it was very well rated in the interim report.

  • What can be improved for projects to come? Groupwork and synthesis Discussion about how to improve the evaluation framework (9.1). Is it a key outcome of the project ? we should also promote it and encourage its usage ? 
  • Quality-evaluation: Collect our Xwiki-experiences
  • Tools seldom self explanatory. We should have had a common intro to tools like XWiki  
  • Single source. Makes it easier to updatate deliverables with new lessons learned
  • Concerning 8.3, MAC-Team is developping this deliverable. 
  • Pascal made a review of the various contributions. They are very heterogeneous in terms of level of content and analytical approach.
  • on a general basis, the number and the types of trainees/participants, of interviewees,  are very different from one country to another.
  • Despite that level of differences, we can notice clear feedbacks in the contributions.
  • Some partners included the detailed statistic reports on the questionnaires (directly extracted from the on-line questionnaire system), we do not plan to check those in details.
  • We may come back to the individual partners for further details or explanation, but so far Pascal indicated the possiblity to deliver a global level report. That report should start to be built on the xwiki from next week onwards.
  • not enough informaiton in the contributions to also answer this type of questions:
  • How to go beyond the simple compliance level of the report? --> to validate the pedagogical framework, what work and didn't work, and the e-book can re-use that (testimonies, obstacles removed by wiki usages, skills... not to make in global assertive comments, but at least to identify cases, practices which validate that or conditions which support it).
  • How do we want to use it beyond the project itself?








A parallel workshop with plenaries each of the 3 days in Santiago, to share and update.

Experts are studying and answering the question :  is the patrimony attractive enough for you to commit to pay 200e per year and spend at least 20 hours per years since jan 2014 to be part of the network of experts, what needs to be added and improved ?

Their intermediary report at the end of Santiago meeting is here (needs & recommandations) 



4) (eventually 2.3 pedagogical framework, but not that useful, just give a brief look here 

5) website and related public tools (linkedin and twitter pages/account accessible from webpage; xwiki public part only for content part but not for design)

7) wikiversity announcement :

8) maybe prequestionnaire and postquestionnaire for trainers and students (taking into account that the wikiskills constortium considers it has to be improved, so it's just to give you an idea)




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